Pattaya Coral Island Tour – Paradise of Stunning Beauty

pattaya coral island tour

The Pattaya Coral Island Tour is the perfect way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The Pattaya Coral Island full day tour takes you on a once-in-a-lifetime journey to see some amazing sea creatures that live off the coast of Thailand.

You’ll even have time to relax on your private beach after taking a boat ride to an uninhabited island!

The Coral Island Pattaya beach is a beautiful and amazing tour to see the most famous coral island in Thailand. The first Pattaya Coral Island Tour was launched in November 2012.

This Coral Island Pattaya location has become one of the most popular tours in Pattaya, a must-see attraction for tourists visiting Pattaya and taking part in Coral Island Pattaya activities.

An impressive Coral Island Tour Pattaya with Thai Holidays will flee you out from all and drew you into an island paradise of stunning beauty and exceptional serenity!

Whether you’re a fearless traveler who likes to challenge yourself with a thrilling underwater experience or who expect to analyze the province’s white sandy beaches and crystal clear sky-blue waters in the most comfortable way, this tour from Pattaya satisfies all your wishes, blessing your memories that would endure a lifetime.

Pattaya Coral Island Tour

Coral Island Pattaya beach

After reaching Pattaya, it is led to an efficient tour from the hotel to the South Pier of Pattaya Beach.

Get a speed boat that drives you an approximately 40 to 45 minutes ride to show you to the unspoiled tropical magic of Coral Island tour Pattaya.

Pattaya Coral Island tour driven up of six clean beaches, this island, also known as Koh Larn, is the most peaceful departure to take a break from the bustling scene of Pattaya.

With bags of activities and adventures to pick from, you can decide to drive this excursion as most wonderful as feasible or a quiet tour enhanced by leafy panoramic sceneries.

Dig Coral Island Pattaya location isolated beaches, go for floating in its incredibly transparent water, or rest while engaging in its fresh climate encircled by mountains coated with dense greenery.

Coral Island Pattaya beach

coral island pattaya activities

Pattaya Coral Island tour guide you to the beautiful beach island in Thailand, it has an amazing tropical vibe, and the beaches are gorgeous. It’s really worth visiting this place!

Many tourists visit this place every year. The main reason for the attraction of this island is its unique location and it has the longest sea walkway in Asia.

There are many other attractions on the island including restaurants, bars, and shopping malls which attract a lot of people to this place.

Children can play there and adults can enjoy their time in swimming pools and sunbathing areas. It has some great nightlife options as well.

Coral Island Pattaya activities

, pattaya coral island full day tour

For a negligible charge, you can boost the enjoyment by carrying a glass-bottom boat ride or appreciating sports such as snorkeling and diving.

This allows you to handle the region’s spirited aquatic life loaded with a bunch of occasional and extraordinary aquatic species plus fascinating coral formations.

Moreover, the enthusiasts of ecstasy can create the most of the great facilities made open for a group of water activities; banana boat ride, jet skiing, sea walker, and parasailing to name a few.

Also, enjoy some tasty dining before you reach Pattaya hotel. You can thoroughly restore, and satisfy your senses with a delicious Indian lunch. Thai Holidays provide you with amazing packages to complete your day in the Coral Island Tour Pattaya.

Pattaya Coral Island full day tour

coral island pattaya beach

The tour is a combination of Land and Sea adventures to visit the most beautiful places in Pattaya. This trip includes Coral Island, Snake Farm, Tiger Zoo, and Jomtien Beach.

Pattaya is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Thailand. Located on the East coast of Thailand, Pattaya offers an exciting range of activities for visitors and residents to enjoy.

Renting a boat and touring Pattaya is the best way to explore the beautiful sea around Pattaya Island. You will have a chance to see the most popular beach, beaches, islands, and sightseeing points on your schedule with no time pressures.

Thai holidays provides various packages of Coral Island tour,

  • Coral Island Tour with Lunch
  • Coral Island Tour with Lunch + Under Sea Walk
  • Coral Island Tour with Lunch + Banana Boat.
  • Coral Island Tour with Lunch + Banana Boat + Jet
  • Coral Island Tour with Lunch + Para Sailing
  • Coral Island Tour with Lunch + Banana Boat + Parasailing + Sea walk

We will start with Coral Island where we can see the private beach, marine life, and other facilities in Thailand.

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