Nemo Phuket Dolphin show – Exciting activities

nemo phuket dolphin show

One of the most exciting activities that are available for tourists is to enjoy the Nemo Phuket Dolphin show. This activity is a great way for tourists to learn about these animals, and also have fun at the same time.

Phuket is a well-known island in Thailand. It is a paradise for those who love the sea and nature as there are so many beaches, coral reefs, and islands to explore. Tourists who have never visited Phuket before will find many attractions here.

Tourists visiting Phuket are in for a treat during the annual Songkran festival. The whole city comes alive with dancing, singing, and water fights. But there is one attraction that stands out amongst all the others – the Phuket dolphin show.

Dolphin Show Phuket

phuket dolphin show

The Phuket Aquarium and Dolphin show is an attraction that is located in the heart of Patong. This water park offers a vast array of activities for every family member to enjoy, including a large pool complete with water slides, swimming pools for children and adults, a lazy river ride, small rides for kids, and an exciting dolphin show.

There are various dolphin shows in Phuket that you can watch all year round. The first one is Dolphin Island located at Ao Por Yai, Nai Yang Beach, which is about 20 kilometers from Chalong Circle.

Enjoy the 45 minutes of the Nemo Phuket Dolphin show. Dolphin Show Phuket offers an amazing show of funny and clever dolphins.

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Phuket Dolphin show

freedom dolphin phuket

Phuket Dolphin Show was performed for about an hour, dolphin and seals performance will give you an unforgettable memory, and give happiness with the enjoyment of sea mammals acting.

Outstanding music, wonderful and humorous tricks make full of happiness of childhood atmosphere. Moreover, it is scientifically proven, the energy and ultrasound level of a dolphin can cure a human and we can sense it from the entry of dolphins!

There is a combination of gorgeous dolphins and the cutest seals, which can execute their finest of their joy and then for your surprise.

If possible to seat in the first row, then you will be lucky to be kissed by a seal and own a possibility to watch them near, but to take a picture with them you should wait until the end of the show with some extra pay.

Also, you are allowed to use your cameras during the show, just follow some rules and regulations to keep them, because of the dolphin’s safety.

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Dolphin Show Phuket is functioning every day except Mondays at 10:30, 14:00, and 17:00. So, you can able to choose the convenient time you want.

Freedom Dolphin Phuket show

freedom dolphin phuket show

FREEDOM DOLPHIN Phuket’s first and only “freedom dolphin” show. The dolphins used in this show are part of the family of dolphins living at Freedom Dolphin, a world-class marine facility located in beautiful Phuket, Thailand.

These 12 young freedom dolphins have been raised from birth with the sole purpose of entertaining you with their amazing acrobatic stunts!

Dolphins are often associated with freedom and love, which is why there is inspired to create the Freedom Dolphin Phuket show. The show takes place in a natural lagoon surrounded by lush greenery, making it an enchanting location for both locals and tourists.

Freedom Dolphin Phuket is the premier marine experience in Asia and one of Thailand’s leading tourist attractions. The new Freedom Dolphin Phuket show promises to be an exhilarating experience for both tourists and residents alike.

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