Calypso Cabaret Show in Bangkok

calypso cabaret show in bangkok

Calypso Cabaret Show in Bangkok runs its fine tradition for over 25 years of delivering world-class amusement shows presented by Bangkok’s talented ladyboys.

Acquire the flavor of extraordinary dance and outstanding song performance which is presented in languages of English, Korean, and of course, Thai.

The concept of performance is based on diversity and variety. Let’s catch the top bangkok attractions on fantastic Marylin Monroe and Elvis Presley portrayals, elegant burlesque performances, charming Thai dancing numbers, and more.

Adding to that reserve your dining at Calypso restaurant to enjoy a lump of tasty Thai meat while enjoying a traditional Khon dance performance just before the cabaret show.

You thoroughly will enjoy and never forget a night of the awesome experience of Calypso Cabaret, Asiatique The Riverfront,  bustling dining, and entertainment complex.

A night out at Calypso cabaret showtime is an entertaining experience for young and old and a fine break from Bangkok city sightseeing.

Beautiful & attractive ladyboy show – Calypso Cabaret Bangkok

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Ladyboys were usually known as Transgender performers, Most of the artists were really amazing and so beautiful in their look. You can never say that they were boys in form of a girl’s transition. All are looking like real girls by their performance and looks. When performing a Las Vegas-style show you can enjoy the view of glitz and glamour, hairpieces, and ostrich feathers.

Observe the ladyboys modeling gorgeous gowns and getups performing a sequence of acts and dances on a big stage.

Parisian type cabaret hall

The theatre was designed in stepped seating with air-conditioned to make everyone a perfect view of the stage. Persian style red interior and small tables with lambs are reminding the ancient Persian era.

The Calypso Hall is located in Asiatique, also including easy access to riverside shopping, dining, and entertainment complex with the help of the Chao Phraya riverboat.

Drama, Comedy, Modern and Traditional Mixture of performance

calypso cabaret

The performance is a mixture of drama, comedy, modern and traditional music which has presented nearly 70 artists performing 15 acts that took about 70 minutes long and were thoroughly enjoyable.

Some of them are prepared to appeal to nationalities in the audience like the Chinese and Korean acts, while having their meaning in others, like the “Free your mind” act.

The Performances

From the acts are “The King” Elvis Presley, a lovely Chinese ballad, a very lively Beyoncé, Lady Gaga attended by violin music, the En Vogue song “Free your mind”, a Japanese song called Geisha, Marilyn Monroe, Della, Hava Nagila, Stuff, The flow of the river, All that Jazz and Arirang, a Korean folk song with the entertainers modeling beautiful and colorful traditional Korean dresses.

Impressive and Exciting climax of a performance

The performance concludes with the Grand Finale, As all entertainers and artists emerge on stage in gowns and tails. After the show, the artists line up near the doorway where you can have your photo with them and give a tip if you enjoy it.

Thai food feast and Classic dance performances

You can peacefully enjoy the Thai dinner and dance at the Calypso restaurant before the Cabaret show. Also, you can watch a variety of dance performances during the Tahi dining, the shows that include a Khon dance show, a drama dance traditionally acted for the Royal court. Beautiful and elegant dancers appear with traditional costumes narrating stories from a famous Thai epic.

Variety of dance performances

  • The Sukhothai dance
  • The pursuit of Susanna Matcha
  • Dance of the four regions
  • Phra Ram and Thotsakan in combat
  • Pong Lang

Feast dining menu

Thai Feast menu includes tasty dishes such as crispy rice with coconut dipping sauce, pork satay or chicken satay, Thai curry fish cake, stir-fried mixed vegetables, green curry with chicken, Tom Yum Goong (spicy shrimp soup), and steamed rice.

After that, there is a preference for Thai-style desserts, fruits, tea, and coffee.


Calypso Cabaret is being located at Asiatique The Riverfront (Warehouse 3), 2194 Charoen Krung Road, Bangkok.

The way to reach – Calypso Cabaret Show in Bangkok

The most uncomplicated way to reach there is by BTS Sky Train and riverboat. Preferably take the BTS Sky Train to Saphan Taksin station. Then step to the Sathorn pier on the Chao Phraya river. Every 30 minutes a free Asiatique shuttle boat to Asiatique pier drives from 4 pm until 11.30 pm. The final boat around to Sathorn pier departs at 11 pm.

In another way, take a Chao Phraya Express riverboat (until 8 pm).

Reach there by Sky Train and Chao Phraya Express riverboat.

Reaching around Bangkok: BTS Sky Train, riverboat, MRT Subway, Taxi, Tuk Tuk

Calypso Cabaret Showtime – Show timing and opening

Calypso theater daily has 2 shows, at 7.30 pm the first show starts and the second one was at 9 pm. The dinner and traditional dance performance at 6 pm and at 7.45 pm.

Ticket prices:

Prices are the same for all ages. Children up to 2 years don’t have fees and can take care of by parents.

Entrance fees at Calypso ticket booths are:

Cabaret show only – 1,200 (includes one drink. options are listed on the tickets)

Thai dinner & Thai dance – 800

Thai dinner & Thai dance with Cabaret show – 2,000

Book your packages today with Thai Holidays and enjoy the trip.

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